Natural Gas

Summit Natural Gas LogoThe Towns of Cumberland, Falmouth, and Yarmouth have worked on a joint project with Summit Natural Gas of Maine to bring natural gas to our area. Summit is headquartered in Augusta and they specialize in bringing natural gas to small towns and rural areas. Summit Natural Gas of Maine is a subsidiary of Summit Utilities, Inc., started in a garage in 1997 by two entrepreneurs who wanted to provide cheaper fuel and energy options.

Natural gas is a mixture of carbon and hydrogen that develops from the fossil remains of ancient plants and animals buried deep in the earth’s crust. The main ingredient in natural gas is methane (byproducts are butane and propane.) Natural gas is used to create electricity, heat commercial buildings and homes, cook food, dry clothes, and power manufacturing operations. The Natural Gas will be piped from the Sable Islands in Novia Scotia.

Natural gas equipment is easier to maintain and repair, is the most environmentally friendly fossil fuel, and is one of the most affordable, convenient, reliable, clean, and safe sources of energy available to the residential consumer. According to the Department of Energy(DOE), natural gas costs are approximately 68% less than the cost of electricity and can reduce heating costs by 50%. The gas produces 45% less carbon dioxide than coal, 30% less than oil, 15% less than wood, and can save you about $1,500 in year round energy costs! 

For more information about natural gas and converting check out the Resident Information Handout and the Natural Gas Presentation to the Town Council below.



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